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The Revera and Reel Youth Age Is More Film Project

Breaking barriers, bridging generations

What do Canadian seniors have in common with youth? Quite a lot, it seems. That’s what we’ve discovered since partnering with Reel Youth. The idea: bring together seniors and younger Canadians, and document the union through short films. Since 2013, more than 100 films have been finished, with another10 to be released this fall. Crafted by Reel Youth’s professional filmmakers, each pair creates a three-minute profile of a Revera resident.

We have more in common than we may realize.

So, what are these films about? Each one offers a unique glimpse into who we are and what we think about, with conversations covering everything from business and books, to warfare and pets, to gender and ageism. But these movies are more than a simple question-and-answer format.
What you’re seeing is a friendship beginning to take shape, one that bridges generations. It’s the realization that we have a lot more in common than we may realize, and that age itself has nothing to do with who we are and our contributions to the community. It’s about shedding light on ageism, and is part of our ongoing initiative called Age Is More.
View the films, including a behind-the-scenes documentary, at Age Is More

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