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It’s About Improving Lives

How can we make life better for seniors?
That question forms the crux of everything we do at Revera, from our Age Is More initiative to our strategic partnerships. And it’s the reason we created our Revera Innovators in Aging program. Launched in 2016, the program helps entrepreneurs to build and market products, services and technology geared toward improving the lives of seniors.
Take Sensassure, for example. Earlier this year, the Toronto-based startup came together with Revera to test its tele-monitoring system, which helps in the management of urinary incontinence by providing caregivers with real-time data about Revera residents’ continence needs. For the caregiver, it means more efficient, targeted care. For the resident, it’s about preserving dignity and better care.

Does it truly improve the lives of seniors

Beyond Sensassure, Revera is currently working with several other companies — including the developers of geko, a wearable device that enhances wound care and WalkJoy, also a wearable device that helps to objectively assess risk of falling. Through the program, innovators work closely alongside our frontline staff and residents to test the impact of their product, service or technology. If successful, and it’s something that could potentially be rolled out across our residences, we’ll support the entrepreneurs with business advice and may invest in the product to help turn it into a reality.
As part of the Revera Innovators in Aging program, we’ve put aside $20-million to invest in innovations. The program will take place across select Revera long term care homes and retirement residences.


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