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The Scenic Grande


Do more of what you love. Less of what you don’t.

Life is all about balance, and how you spend your time has a big impact on your happiness. We take a holistic approach to recreation, offering loads of choices to support your lifestyle and overall well-being. At The Scenic Grande, it will be all about doing what you love, and enjoying the benefits of being part of a vibrant, active community.

Community Engagement

Contribute your unique gifts and skills in meaningful ways to positively impact a common cause.


Build strong relationships with the people around you and thrive as a valued member of the community you create.


Focus your emotions to deal with life’s challenges and nurture positive feelings about yourself.


Find meaning, purpose and a greater appreciation for the world around you and receive support from your peers on your journey.


Lead the independent and active lifestyle you want by engaging in various pursuits that positively impact overall health and well-being.


Stimulate your mind with new ideas in pursuit of lifelong learning and exploration.

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The Scenic Grande

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