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CEO draws inspiration from Revera team members and senior residents in new book

"Leading with Humanity” by Tom Wellner is released with Forbes Books

MISSISSAUGA, Canada – SEPTEMBER 5, 2023 – Leading with Humanity, a compelling new perspective on purpose-driven leadership by Tom Wellner, President, and CEO of Revera Inc., is now available. The book is published with Forbes Books and is available on Amazon today.

Tom Wellner’s book draws inspiration from Revera team members and senior residents. “I’ve had the opportunity to work alongside so many vibrant, inspiring people who know how to embrace joy wherever it is found and to face adversity with dignity,” said Wellner. “And I have learned a great deal – about life, about work, about living with purpose – by getting to work with and on behalf of people from my parents and grandparents’ generations. By sharing stories, memories, and experiences, they teach me to be reflective, to remember where I come from, to be appreciative of the people I have valued across my life.”

Wellner has built his career on Orla Scott’s principle that “purpose, people, and profit are not mutually exclusive.” In Leading with Humanity, Wellner provides an in-depth look at what this principle means in the daily life of a leader and provides concrete wins from his career as a result.

Leading with Humanity Book Cover

Wellner’s book shows readers how to build strong, nimble organizations. Leading with Humanity shows how Wellner repeatedly led businesses to success without sacrificing compassion for employees or losing sight of a greater purpose. With insights for leaders at any stage of their career, Wellner dives into the strategies that served him through the challenges of his career—including managing hundreds of senior living communities through COVID.

“The way to evolve—and in business, if we don’t grow and transform, we become irrelevant—is to search continuously for new tools and new ways to do things,” Wellner said. “I hope that by hearing some of the stories from my varied career and about the passion I have for people-centered innovative solutions, you can discover your own opportunities to transform the organizations you lead. And I hope that you will see that you can make a meaningful difference along the way.”

About Tom Wellner

For nearly 10 years, Tom Wellner has served as the President and CEO of Revera Inc., a leading Canadian-owned and -headquartered, owner, investor, developer, and asset manager in the senior living sector. Wellner began his career with Eli Lilly where he spent 20 years in various global assignments. For the last 15 years he has been back in Canada leading healthcare, diagnostic, and senior living businesses.

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