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Tips & Tools for Choosing a Long Term Care Residence

Home Tour Checklist

When making the choice to move into long term care, it’s important to see the home for yourself. What should you be looking for?

Revera has prepared the following checklist to help you gather and reflect on the information you need to make the right decision. Use it when visiting homes you're considering, to help you ask the best questions, assess the most important features, and make the most useful comparisons. Download a copy of this checklist.

Care and Respect

  1. Does the resident, or his or her family, participate in developing the care plan?
  2. Is a registered nurse available on each shift?
  3. Do professionals and other staff work together to evaluate each resident’s needs and interests?
  4. Do residents seem to enjoy being with staff?
  5. Do staff members know the residents by name?
  6. Do staff respond quickly to a resident’s call for assistance?
  7. Does the home offer in-house clinics, e.g. for dental, vision and hearing?
  8. Does the home offer programs to support restoring lost physical functioning?
  9. Does the home provide dementia care?
  10. Does the home have an arrangement with a nearby hospital?


  1. Does the home offer a variety of recreation and wellness activities?
  2. Are activities tailored to the residents’ individual needs and interests?
  3. Does the home offer a variety of food choices as part of their culinary program?
  4. Does the home have a Residents’ Council? If so, does it influence decisions about resident life?
  5. Does the home have a Family Council? If so, does it influence decisions about resident life?


  1. Do residents have private areas to visit with family, visitors, or physicians?
  2. Are there outdoor areas accessible for residents to use?
  3. Is the outside of the home clean and well maintained?
  4. Is the inside of the home clean and well maintained?
  5. Does the home have handrails in hallways and grab bars in bathrooms?
  6. Is it easy for wheelchairs to move around the home?
  7. When floors are cleaned, are warning signs displayed or areas blocked off to prevent accidents?
  8. Are bathrooms conveniently located near bedrooms?
  9. Are residents encouraged to have personal items in their rooms (e.g., pictures, furniture)?
  10. Do the bedrooms have accessible storage areas for personal items?
  11. Do the dining rooms offer a warm atmosphere

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: How much does it cost to live in a long term care home?
    A: Rates for long term care accommodation are established by the provincial government and are shared by the resident and the government. For more information on rates and cost, visit our "Accessing Long Term" care page.
  • Q: What should be considered when choosing a long term care home?
    A: It’s important to see the home for yourself. To help with that process, Revera has prepared a Home Tour Checklist that covers a range of topics. Learn more.
  • Q: What basic services are offered at a long term care home?
    A: As a basic package, all long term care homes offer, meals, 24-hour nursing and access to a physician. Click here to learn more.
  • Q: What are your visiting policies?
    A: Families, friends and children are encouraged to visit Revera long term care homes as often as possible. These visits are an important part of a resident’s life.
  • Q: I have more questions about long term care. Who can I speak to?
    A: Call us today at 1-877-929-92221-877-929-9222 and we will do our best to answer your questions.
  • Q: What is Revera’s policy to ensure accessibility for people with disabilities?
    A: Revera is committed to excellence in serving all customers, including people with disabilities In accordance with the Integrated Accessibility Standards Regulation (IASR), Revera has created a policy and a multi-year accessibility plan which outlines the strategy that will be taken to remove and prevent barriers under this regulation. At the end of each year Revera will revisit the plan to update the progress in meeting the various requirements of this regulation as stipulated in the multiyear plan.