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Dementia Care & Physical Rehab for Seniors

At Revera, we recognize each person as an individual, and respect their needs and wishes.

Meaningful interactions are integral to Revera’s person-centered care philosophy. We believe that everyone has the responsibility and opportunity to interact with residents in a way that supports quality person-centered care for consistency and enhances quality of life. Person-centred care is at the heart of all we do.
We focus on quality to meet regulatory requirements. Our 24-hour services are designed with the health and comfort of residents in mind.

Quality Person-Centred Care

Revera is committed to providing residents with choices to meet their unique personal care needs and preferences. We understand and respect the important role that families play in long-term care.
Each resident receives an individual assessment and care plan. Our highly trained teams focus on the comfort, dignity and safety of each resident.

Our Approach to Quality Care

We believe that serving residents is a great privilege and a great responsibility, and are focused on meeting each resident’s unique needs.

Our Quality Program incorporates risk management and elements of patient safety promoting continuous quality improvement.

Every Revera Long Term Care home is fully accredited through CARF and meets all regulatory requirements.
Retirement Activity

Clinical Programs


Falls management

Revera is committed to providing interdisciplinary fall interventions risk management that is based on clinical best practice. We assess and address risks, from footwear to medication; offering falls-prevention education to residents, families and staff.

Skin and wound care

Preventing the development of skin issues is a priority of our care teams. Skin and wound care is a vital part of overall health. Revera offers consistency in managing skin and wound issues, and provides the highest-quality products that are supported clinically through evaluation and research.

Pain and symptom management

Our highly experienced teams work with residents to create personalized pain management programs. Qualified professionals conduct assessments and monitor results to improve comfort.


Revera is committed to providing a ‘least restraint’ environment. Each resident has a right to make informed choices.

Continence care

Revera provides a continence care program based on evidence – informed practices. Each resident’s dignity, comfort and independence will be respected and maintained.  

Rehab and Restorative Care

Through our rehab initiatives, we look to address our residents’ key priorities including reducing falls, reducing the impact of osteoporosis, decreasing the pain of arthritis, enhancing abilities after a stroke, managing the progression of dementia, providing post-surgical support, and more. Our teams work with residents to develop personal goals and programs.

Dementia Care

Revera offers a number of programs to help residents with dementia. We take a holistic approach, looking at everything from specially designed environments, to tailored clinical services, to customized recreation programs. Our skilled staff bring respect, compassion, understanding, and geriatric expertise to the care of residents – all of which helps to stimulate their abilities and enjoyment of life.

We offer a Montessori-based dementia care program in all our homes. It has been shown to increase levels of engagement and participation in people with memory loss.

Retirement Quality Care