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Unforgettable Ian: A Long Term Care Story


Unforgettable Ian: A Long Term Care Story Lea Ian

Resilience, strength and love

In 2019, Revera set out to produce a film about life in long term care to demystify for Canadians this important part of the aging experience. We decided to anchor the film on the journey of one family as they transition a member into a long term care home. We were delighted when our resident Ian Doig and his family agreed to participate in the film.

The result is Unforgettable Ian, a story that shares Ian’s remarkable life as a paratrooper in the Canadian military, a Canadian diplomat, and his journey learning to live with dementia as a resident in long term care.

“Although Ian’s individual story is unique, how he and his family face changes and challenges is universally familiar.”

When filming began, little did we know that some of Ian’s biggest challenges lay ahead of him as the COVID-19 pandemic arrived in Canada. Unforgettable Ian captures a historic moment in time as the long term care sector became the front line of the worst pandemic in a century.

In the spring of 2020, Ian tested positive for COVID-19. While he made a full recovery, tragically many other residents in long term care homes across Canada did not. This film captures the fear and emotions of many residents, their families and employees during the pandemic, and also demonstrates the spirit, resilience and strength of the loving bonds formed between residents, employees and families as they bravely faced this fear together.

Although Ian’s individual story is unique, how he and his family face changes and challenges is universally familiar. I encourage you to watch Unforgettable Ian(25-minutes in length). The title of the film was chosen because despite Ian’s fading memory, he remains unforgettable to all who know him.

Working to support older adults is incredibly fulfilling. Every day, when our employees arrive at work it’s a new opportunity to learn, interact, share in memories and create new ones. We are incredibly fortunate to be able to do what we do to support our residents to live life to the fullest.

Stay well. Stay safe.

By Tom Wellner

Tom Wellner is President and CEO of Revera. He has led Revera since 2014 and has guided its strategic direction to grow, innovate and lead in the sector. He has a passion for innovative solutions to complex problems and believes that innovation is key to designing a better aging experience.

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