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Technology for Seniors: 5 New Advancements

The latest tech for seniors is designed to be user friendly.

Research shows that 19% of Canada's population (1) is adults over the age of 65. Statistics predict that this percentage will reach 22.5% by 2030.

If you are a senior, you may benefit from the latest technology no matter your age. Don’t worry if you are a little tech shy. The latest tech for seniors is designed to be user friendly.

“For many seniors, technology is becoming an integral part of their lives as they discover and enjoy the benefits. Rather than fear it, technology is becoming something exciting and interesting to learn.”

For many seniors, technology is becoming an integral part of their lives. Rather than fearing it, tech is something exciting and interesting to learn, especially if it supports an active senior lifestyle.

Keep reading to find out what technology for seniors you might want to try.

1. Simple Tablet

If you live at a retirement residence, you may need a form of entertainment. Although there are lots of activities at Revera retirement homes, during your downtime in your room, technology can provide you with additional ways to entertain yourself.

One option is to get a simplified tablet. This is also called a Grandpad, which is a tablet specifically made for seniors.

It is very easy to use and has minimal apps available. According to the makers of Grandpad, you can browse safely as your personal information is protected as it blocks access from unknown third parties on the internet.

It also allows you to access the tools that you want to use without too much difficulty. Just follow the 5 easy steps to set up and you are ready to go.  

One of the benefits of this tablet is the ability to do video chats. This can help you to keep in touch with family and friends from your senior apartment or retirement home.

2. Amazon Echo Dot

Retirement living can be a very relaxing time where you can do what you want to do. One way to make this easier is with different technology devices.

new type of technology for seniors is the Amazon Echo Dot. This is a voice-activated device that uses Alexa to control different tools.

This device can make phone calls, answer questions, set timers and alarms, and play music. You won’t have to worry about navigating your devices and feeling overwhelmed.

This is perfect for active living in a retirement home. Alexa will recognize your speech and can help you manage your daily tasks.

This allows you to have more living time and less stress in your retirement residence. This also ensures that you can easily keep in touch with everyone you care about.

3. Apple Watch

Another great technological device is the Apple Watch. You may have heard of this technology already. This is a watch integrated with iOS that uses a variety of useful apps.

It can track your fitness and other health-related information. It also provides wireless telecommunication and fall detection.

If you are living in an independent, assisted living or supportive living home, this device, depending on your situation, will be able to alert others nearby if you are in trouble. The watch may sound an alarm or display an alert if you were to fall.

If the Apple Watch senses the person is moving, it will wait for them to respond. However, if the person appears to be immobile for approximately 60 seconds, the Apple Watch starts a 30-second countdown while it taps them on the wrist and sounds an alert.

It will make a phone call if you do not get up within a minute of falling. This could help ensure that you will get emergency help if you need it.

This also makes it easier for the staff as they can directly contact your family. An alert can be sent to all your emergency contacts to let them know if you are sick or injured.

4. Tile Sticker

Something you may never have heard about is a tile sticker. Senior retirement residences are perfect since you will be living in your own suite or senior apartment.

But there is still plenty of opportunity to lose important objects. You may have misplaced your glasses or don’t remember where you put your pill dispenser.

If you tend to lose things, this is where these stickers come in handy. You can place a tile sticker on any object that you frequently lose.

This is battery-operated and connects to an app on your phone. If you lose that item, all you need to do is look at the app to find the location.

It has a range of 400 feet, perfect for your senior living retirement residence.

5. Medication Dispensers

Taking your medications can feel like quite the task. You may have a variety of pills and supplements that need to be taken every day at multiple times.

One way to make this process simpler is to get a medication dispenser. Nowadays, you can buy medication dispensers that monitor your medications and give them to you.

Your medications will be safely stored inside a controlled environment. Each day at different times, it will dispense pills and alert you to take them.

There are a variety of options that work a bit differently. You could try out different pill dispensers to find out what is best for what you need.

Did you know? At Revera, we offer medication administration service to take the worry and stress out of remembering when and what medications you require on a daily basis. It’s just one of the care services residents appreciate.

The Best Technology for Seniors

Are you interested in technology for seniors? The good news is that there are plenty of technological advancements to help you live more comfortably.

Are you interested in independent senior retirement living? Perhaps you need a little care support. Contact us today at Revera to book a tour at retirement residence near you.

Disclaimer: The products noted in this article have not been independently tested or reviewed by Revera. We invite you to learn more about these and other products to determine which choices may work best for you.    


1.     The Fraser Institute Blog: Canada’s aging population—what does it mean for government finances? (July 2022)

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