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Celebrating our Earth

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Green Living is More Living

Earth Day is now recognized as the largest day of civil observance in the world, with more than 193 nations participating this year. It’s the one day when citizens, governments and organizations across the globe come together to acknowledge their effect on – and celebrate – Mother Earth. 

Whether it’s the extreme weather events brought on by global warming, the dramatic changes in temperatures, or the impact of the changing environment on animals and people, there has never been a more important time to mark Earth Day. As an organization that both serves thousands of seniors in our retirement and long term care homes, and is mindful of our shared environment, Revera is proud to stand alongside the many members of the local, national, and global communities in the fight against climate change. 

“When it comes to greener operations at Revera, all aspects are considered to ensure resident and employee safety, comfort, wellbeing, and lifestyle.”

Revera does this by taking a thoughtful approach to the buildings that become homes to the thousands of seniors in our care. Our approach is holistic – when it comes to greener operations at Revera, all aspects are considered to ensure resident and employee safety, comfort, wellbeing, and lifestyle. 

All new Revera retirement homes are sustainably developed with a focus on energy efficiency and with careful consideration of the natural heritage system surrounding the site. For example, we increase and replace trees where applicable in new building designs and factor green solutions into every step of our development, including cool and green roofs, energy efficient fixtures and appliances, and water and waste reduction strategies. We build smart spaces that can be adapted for multiple purposes, thereby decreasing our footprint. These same spaces leverage natural lighting and ventilation wherever possible. 

Most Revera new builds, including the Mississauga Support Office, follow either the LEED or Green Globes rating and certification criteria. Between 2014 and 2022, our light emitting diode (LED) retrofit program has resulted in a savings of 24 Gigawatt hours (GWh) of electricity, equivalent to the annual household energy usage of 3,609 homes. Our water conservation projects resulted in a savings of 211,258 cubic metres of water per year, equal to 86 Olympic-sized swimming pools. And Revera’s natural gas conservation projects resulted in a savings of 797,607 cubic metres of natural gas per year. This is equivalent to the CO2 produced by 328 passenger vehicles in a year. 

These steps contribute to the health of the planet, and to the health and wellbeing of the residents in our retirement homes, who are always our first priority. Quality of life is important at every age. That’s why, along with keeping the environment in mind, we have carefully crafted spaces that focus on accessibility and ease of movement to allow for robust active living and physical activity programs. Our residents want to enjoy more living, in a sustainable environment. Accessibility and universal design are also critical in our building designs. 

Sustainable living and conservation of important resources like energy and water, create a healthier environment for all of us. On Earth Day and every day, that’s something we can all stand behind. 

Happy Earth Day!

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