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Our Leadership

A Leadership Team that Works on Behalf of Seniors

The people behind Revera carry a shared vision and passion: advocating for older adults in senior living and working to improve their lives.

Our mission

Our mission is to enhance lives with choices in community living, warm hospitality and compassionate care.

Our Vision

Revera’s vision is to celebrate the ageless spirit of people through service and innovation.

Celebrate: We will recognize, praise and revere each other and everyone we serve. We will celebrate people in every interaction.

Ageless spirit: Everyone is a person first, regardless of age or capabilities. We will value each individual, and nurture their mind, body and ageless spirit.

People: We will have a positive, heartfelt impact on the lives of the people we touch.

Service: We will go above and beyond to make each person feel important and appreciated. We will anticipate needs and exceed expectations. We will serve as we want to be served.

Innovation: We will be bold. We will continuously improve and expand to be innovative leaders in ways big and small.

Our Values

Our core values are the foundation of our company and set the standard for everything we do.

Respect – We champion diversity and work to help everyone feel valued.

Integrity – We step up and do the right thing, and take personal accountability for our actions.

Compassion – We attempt to see the world through the eyes of others and look for opportunities to interact with kindness. We strive to emotionally connect with residents and each other.

Excellence – We are committed to ongoing learning and development, continuous improvement and being the best at everything we do.