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Revera Report on Ageism

Revera Report on Ageism:
Innovation & the Aging Experience

Revera Living Summer 2015 Magazine Cover
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Revera Report on Ageism:
Independence and Choice As We Age

Revera Report on Ageism: Independence and Choice As We Age
Download the PDF
  • Dora


    Dora says there are perks to age and the white hair that comes with it, “I always get a great seat on a bus. People jump right up!” An avid golfer for 37 years, she gave it up when it became too hard on her shoulder. She’s always enjoyed exercise though, so she joined a couple of walking clubs. When asked about changes and challenges she says, “There are things in life you just have to accept. I don’t worry about aging or what people think; I’m too busy.”
  • Joan


    Joan acknowledges that ageism is a real problem but it’s not something that has ever slowed her down. “Age is just a number and I don’t care about that number. Life is more about your outlook, keep smiling at the world” she says. “When I was younger my parents never said ‘you can’t do this, you can’t do that’; now my daughter often says ‘you did WHAT?!” when I tell her what I’ve been up to.”
  • Anita


    I’m a positive person, always have been,” says Anita. “Whatever comes, comes; there’s nothing you can do about it so you have to learn to deal with it.” This attitude was likely tested and tried many times during an active family and professional life, and more than 30 years as an avid golfer. But the big test came twenty years ago when Anita suffered a stroke and was paralyzed from the neck down—doctors said she’d never walk again. Today, Anita relies on a walker for stability, but she certainly does walk. “I’m a very strong-minded person,” she says. “The stroke took care of my golf game though.”
  • Helen


    A long life means lots of changes and adaptations over time. In Helen’s younger days those changes included moves from England to Oshawa, Ontario and then to Ottawa, Ontario. Activities moved from the physical challenges of tennis, curling and golf, to the mental athletics of activities like bridge. When asked about the changes that come with aging, Helen says “You can’t do much about it so you might as well just go with the flow. I enjoy what I can and take part in the things that are suitable for me. Aging just happens so you go with the flow.”
The Revera Report on Ageism provides unique insights on Canadians' attitudes towards ageing.
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  • Doris


    Keeping busy. A strong family background is important and I always try to set an example. “I treat people as I find them”.
  • Gwen


    Life is what you make it. You either make it or break it. You have no one else to blame but yourself.
  • Mary


    Keep busy and active; both physically and socially; and eat a healthy diet.
  • Joyce


    Be happy and get along with people.
  • Ken


    Integrity, fairness, transparency and an attempting Christian.
  • Irene


    If you are busy, you have no time to whine.
  • Elizabeth and Harding

    Elizabeth and Harding

    Elizabeth: Strong Christian faith. “I like to see the good in everybody”.
    Harding: Strong Christian faith. “By being realistic in our character and limitations, then we can migrate to being
  • Wally and Lillian

    Wally and Lillian

    Staying active. Church, Sunnybrook Veteran’s Wing Volunteers, Kiwanis, bridge, the cottage, Revera Resident’s Council and creating gift cards by pressing flowers from Botanical Gardens
  • Fleetwood Villa Retirement Residence, Surrey, British Columbia

    Fleetwood Villa Retirement Residence, Surrey, British Columbia

    Wedding bells rang quickly for June and Roy. They heard them the very day they met. June was a friend of the bride, Roy a friend of the groom. Both were single, but not for long. They dated for six months before Roy popped the question, and two months later were married themselves. That was 60 years ago. For the last three years, June, 85, and Roy, 89, have called Fleetwood Villa home. It’s the simple things that sustain a relationship, they say: listen, be considerate, and enjoy your companionship. After six decades together, their love is stronger than ever. “It never goes away,” they say, “you become closer with age.”
  • Pine Villa Retirement Residence, Toronto, Ontario

    Pine Villa Retirement Residence, Toronto, Ontario

    Mendel and Valerie met at a dance for new Canadians in Ottawa shortly after World War Two. Their early life in a small apartment was lean but happy, and Mendel says his wife’s “cooking with love” helped him up his weight substantially. Now married 60 years, Mendel and Valerie say they get along so well that they rarely have any disagreements. If they do, their deep understanding solves everything.
  • Maple View Terrace Retirement, London, Ontario

    Maple View Terrace Retirement, London, Ontario

    You could say that Steve and Fran’s love goes through the roof. That’s how they met, when Fran, now 82, needed a roof repair, and through a friend found roofer Steve, now 92. That turned into a friendship and then something more, and the couple has now been married 22 years.
  • Telfer Place Retirement, Paris, Ontario

    Telfer Place Retirement, Paris, Ontario

    Every Friday for five years now, Doreen and Irwin have had the run of happy hour at their Revera residence, Telfer Place. Their romance started more than 60 years ago, when Irwin showed up one day at Doreen’s office at Canadian Admiral Television.

Revera Report on Tech-Savvy Seniors

The Revera Report on Tech-Savvy Seniors reveals that a growing army of online seniors are using digital technology for everything from independent living to online shopping and more face time with friends and family using platforms like Skype.
Access the Report  |  Read the News Release
  • Taking Bertha on journeys

    Taking Bertha on journeys

    For Bertha, the computer helps her to journey inward as well. She writes short stories and poetry on it, something she has always loved to do. (She is a published writer.) Bertha also enjoys writing for the Forest Hill Place newsletter.
  • Technology means more freedom

    Technology means more freedom

    For Frank, an 87-year-old with Parkinson’s disease at Revera’s Scenic Acres retirement residence in Calgary, technology is making a huge difference in living with his condition. The impact is twofold. Because his hands are getting less controllable, he uses speech recognition software called Dragon NaturallySpeaking to dictate into the computer.
  • Favourite pastimes just click

    Favourite pastimes just click

    Catching up on the latest with family and friends, and doing a little shopping – sounds like a fun day, and Marion does it all a click at a time. At Revera’s Windermere on the Mount retirement residence in London, Ontario, Marion loves her computer. Keeping in touch with loved ones and making purchases online are only two of the many ways she uses it.
  • You can go all over the world

    You can go all over the world

    Heidi, 69, may have limited speech and the use of only one arm, but she communicates avidly and has the world at her fingertips. A resident at Revera’s Columbia Forest long term care home in Waterloo, Ontario, Heidi enjoys few things more than being online. She spends much of her time on Facebook, e-mailing friends, and Googling to keep current.