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Mar 26, 2017

Statement Regarding W5’s March 25, 2017 Broadcast

We were disappointed to see CTV W5’s recent segment that discusses lawsuits involving our company’s long term care homes. We do not believe it is an accurate portrayal of the quality care we provide to thousands of Canadian seniors every day, and which we have provided to tens of thousands of seniors for more than 55 years.
We believe that serving older adults is not only a great privilege, but also a great responsibility. We pride ourselves on providing the best care possible.
We care deeply about the people we serve.
Our employees, especially those who interact with our residents on a daily basis, are special people. They have devoted their professional careers to caring for people, and they pride themselves on doing so with love and compassion.
Every day they provide care to individuals who are often in a very difficult stage of life. The majority of residents in long term care are facing multiple complex and rapidly evolving health conditions, including, commonly, Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias. 
We know the journey to long term care is an emotional one.
When a loved one passes away in long term care it is often due to a combination of health factors. It is not black and white and this makes it very difficult for loved ones who seek answers, and we understand that. We also understand that some choose to seek answers through legal channels. And when they do, we engage in that process with respect for the courts and all parties involved. We would never compromise that by speaking to the specifics of any case that is before the courts. Nor, to protect privacy, would we ever discuss any of our residents publicly, even if their families chose to do so.
We are committed to providing quality care.
We have long history of providing quality care and we are proud of our employees, our record of care, and of the high satisfaction rating given to us by the families we serve.
We have been proud to partner with governments to provide care for Canada’s seniors for more than 55 years, and have done so while being governed by what are seen as some of the strictest regulations in North America. In Ontario alone, we are measured across more than 500 regulations, and we typically meet or exceed these rigorous standards.
We take our responsibilities seriously.
People trust us to care for their mothers and fathers, grandparents and loved ones. It’s a big responsibility and it’s one that we take very seriously.  
We do our very best. But because we’re caring for such important people, there’s always room for improvement. We are committed to constantly learning, improving and innovating. 
For those who have any questions or concerns, we encourage you to get in touch with us.

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