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Revera Retirement Communities Celebrate National Cat Day

Cats Decline to Participate, Insisting Every Day Is National Cat Day

Revera retirement communities across the country celebrated National Dog Day in August. Following on the success and popularity of those events, similar activities were being planned for National Cat Day on Thursday, October 29, 2015 but organizers have run into some challenges as resident cats have declined to participate.

Patches On Book“Our team has been working really hard on this event, but despite our best efforts, the cats that live in Revera’s retirement communities have shown great indifference to this event,” said Stephen Foster, Revera’s Chief Operating Officer. “We think they may just be too content to care.”

Indeed, the one cat who was willing to comment, April, a slightly overfed calico who resides at The Kensington retirement community in Victoria, B.C. indicated that she was waited on, paw to tail, night and day by her owner, and thought that having only one day devoted to cats, instead of 365, would be quite a letdown. She pointed out that in addition to attention from her owner, Win Cushing, she was frequently offered additional chin scratches, head pats, and warm laps to curl up in as Win’s friends stopped in to visit.

Research confirmed that a large number of contented felines are living at Revera retirement communities across the country, and were experiencing similar levels of loving attention.

“Retirement communities really are an ideal location for cats. Their owners are retired, so they often have more time to devote to their pets than a younger person might,” said Deea Linehan, Vice President—Operations at Revera. “At Revera, we welcome seniors to bring their cats with them when they move in. We recognize that pets are an important part of people’s lives and we’ve seen research that shows pets have health benefits for older adults, including lowering blood pressure and cholesterol levels, and improving self-esteem and life satisfaction.”

Retirement Resident Out For a WalkIn light of the above, Revera’s PR team has abandoned plans to hold public events in honour of National Cat Day. Some Revera communities will be celebrating by hosting visits from local animal shelters and offering other activities for the cat-loving people who live there. Efforts to organize a resident and owner cat photo contest have also been scrapped, as the cats refused to cooperate. Instead it’s suggested that on #NationalCatDay cat lovers tweet or instagram photos of their cats with the hashtag #CatsIgnoringCameras.

Revera welcomes cats, as well as other small animals, to move into Revera retirement communities with their owners, in most cases. In order for the experience to be positive for everyone, an evaluation is done to ensure that the owner is able to care for their pet and that the pet is able to interact safely with other residents and staff. If it’s not possible for a pet to move in with their owner, family and friends are encouraged to bring the pet to visit often.
See April and Win in action in The Revera and Reel Youth Age is More Film Project earlier this year: