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Career Development

Revera Career Expo - Oct 8, 2019, 11am-7pm
Revera Career Expo - Oct 8, 2019, 11am-7pm
Develop and Grow as Individuals and Leaders
At Revera, we are strongly committed to the development of our employees. We understand that increasing knowledge and skills not only helps to provide employees with confidence, capability and contentment in daily work, but also plays an important role in building a career progression roadmap.
With a focus on employee success, Revera offers robust self-development tools, training, scholarship programs and partnerships to support the advancement of knowledge, skills and leadership abilities.
Develop and Grow as Individuals and Leaders 


Revera University

Revera believes in life-long learning and development, which is why we invest in our employees and care about their career goals. Revera University is a centralized resource for leadership training with materials designed to develop strong leaders.

Revera University’s curriculum is centred around three pillars: Lead Self, Lead Others, and Lead Functions.

Lead Self

This stream is designed to give employees the necessary tools to continue to build upon the skills they have and support their individual growth to become strong contributors within their teams and the company.

Lead Others

This pillar focuses on teaching techniques and skills that will allow you to effectively manage others in your team allowing you to build and support high performing departments.

Lead Functions

The focus of Lead Functions is to give you the necessary skills needed to be a successful leader who manages multiple teams within a region or Support Office department. These pillars are delivered through our dedicated learning paths:
  • Learn: Education learning through resources;
  • Connect: Exposure learning through others;
  • Experience: Learning through doing your tasks with the support of your team.


We partner with various expert companies to assist us with designing or facilitating some of our in-house leadership and career development programs, particularly those in the Lead Others and Lead Functions pillars.

Ken Blanchard:

The team at Ken Blanchard is world renowned for its leadership research and learning content. Their courses are taught around the globe, providing companies with a consistent leadership model and shared language so that leaders can build self-reliant and engaged team members.

The Ariel Group:

The Ariel Groups is well-known for its content and courses designed and delivered by professionals who possess business, learning and acting experience, and are offered in partnership with top rated universities like Queen’s and Harvard. The Ariel Group Personal Presence course taught at Revera helps leaders at all levels build credibility, confidence and connection. 

Scholarship Programs

The Revera Scholarship Program provides career development support and assistance in the form of academic scholarships. We encourage our employees to grow professionally by supporting continuing education opportunities and offer several scholarships to assist with expenses incurred over the course of the school year. Opportunities include:

Revera Scholarship Award

Revera grants five (5) awards of $2,000 each to employees seeking post-secondary education in an area that will help them advance in their career. We also offer five (5) $1,500 scholarship awards annually for Revera employee family members for continuing education.

RPN/LPN Scholarship Award

Revera awards ten $2,000 scholarships for employees to advance their career as a Registered Practical Nurse or a Licensed Practical Nurse.

RN Scholarship Program

Granted to employees working to complete a Registered Nursing college or university program, Revera awards three (3) $3,000 scholarships.
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