As a boy, Melvin Maki sometimes viewed rocks
through a magnifying glass. The forms fascinated
him. He saw the world through a wider lens.
Melvin, born in Whitewood, SK, dreamed about
going on big adventures. Those rocks held the key.
After graduating university as a geologist,
Melvin spent much of the 1950s and 1960s
crossing the globe as a dig supervisor. He
searched for copper and mineral deposits for
mining companies, journeying to Colombia,
Venezuela, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru, the British
Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea and
It was exciting,” says Melvin, who lives at Revera’s
Lakehead Manor in Thunder Bay, ON. What was
the best part? “I was on an expense account,” he
His destinations were remote, and he arrived by
boat or horse. Melvin hired locals who knew the
terrain and could cook. At base camp, there were
zero luxuries. The men slept in hammocks, or on
the ground.
Melvin’s greatest find didn’t involve geology. In
Panama, he met the woman he would marry, He
later brought her to Canada and they had three
These days, Melvin escapes by watching movies
about exploits, like Raiders of the Lost Ark. For
Melvin, Lakehead Manor’s own Indiana Jones,
there’s nothing like an adventure.
It was exciting. I was
on an expense account”
Down To Earth