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When Alicja Proce arrived from Poland in 1999,
her first priority was to find work that was
rewarding and fulfilled her passion for helping
others. She quickly found the perfect fit in a
housekeeping role at Revera’s The Beechwood
retirement community in Mississauga, Ont., and
hasn’t looked back since.
“She is a star here not only because she is great
at what she does, but because she is so caring
and compassionate,” says Maria Mercone,
Executive Director at The Beechwood.
According to Maria, Alicja proves that delivering
exceptional customer service is all about people.
“She builds relationships with people every day.
She is kind and gentle, and always has a smile for
Alicja is a firm believer in the power of a cheerful
attitude. “Smiling is the first impression people
have, and it’s the number one way to solve any
problem,” says Alicja.
She says the connections she has made at The
Beechwood hold a special place in her heart. “I
am treated like family by many people here,” she
says with pride. “I am so blessed.”
Defining Service
with a Smile
Spotlight on
Alicja Proce
Gisela LeBlanc, resident
at The Beechwood,
Mississauga, Ont.,
enjoys a warm
hug from Alicja
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