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News Releases

2015 News Releases

Mar. 4, 2015  -  Victoria Women Celebrate International Women’s Day by Sharing Their Stories
Feb. 12, 2015
- Revera Employees Raise $174,000 to Support People Affected by Alzheimer’s Disease
Jan. 15, 2015
  - Revera Announces Divestiture of its Home Health Division to Extendicare 

2014 News Releases

Nov. 10, 2014
- Canadian Veterans Celebrated Through the Eyes of a Youth
Oct. 22, 2014  - What scares young women the most about ageing? Hint: It’s not what you think
Oct. 21, 2014  - York University and Revera Form Partnership to Provide Specialized Training for...
Oct. 14, 2014  - Revera Announces Appointment of Krystyna T. Hoeg to the Board of Directors
Oct. 14, 2014  - Revera Announces Appointment of Terrance Royer to the Board of Directors
Jul. 07, 2014   -  Revera Awarded Two Quality Improvement Awards from the Ontario Long Term Care Association
Apr. 21, 2014  - Revera Completes Investment Agreement with Health Care REIT in Sunrise Senior Living...
Apr. 14, 2014  - Revera Board Appoints Thomas G. Wellner as President and Chief Executive Officer
Feb. 21, 2014  - Revera Raises $130,000 to Support Education and Support Services for Alzheimer’s Disease
Feb. 11, 2014  - Revera and Health Care REIT Announce Investment in Sunrise Senior Living Management Company

2013 News Releases

Dec. 5, 2013   -  Revera Appoints Independent Medical Expert for Review at Calgary Long Term Care Facility
Dec. 2, 2013   -  The Revera and Reel Youth Age is More Film Project promotes intergenerational understanding
Sept. 20, 2013 - Revera Holds Second-Annual Company-Wide Fundraiser to Mark World Alzheimer’s Day
Jul. 2, 2013     -   Ageism in Canada: Older Women Face More Discrimination Than Men, But Are More Optimistic...
Jun. 19, 2013  -   Revera President and CEO, Jeff Lozon, Announces Intention to Retire
May. 28, 2013 - Revera completes investment agreement with Health Care REIT to share ownership...
May. 8, 2013  -  Revera announces agreement with Health Care REIT for $1.35 billion investment to support...
Apr. 23, 2013Revera Home Health Receives Accreditation Canada’s Highest Award
Apr. 10, 2013Revera’s Eagle Terrace Recognized as “Quality Improvement Team of the Year” by OLTCA
Mar. 18, 2013 - Older and wiser? Older and happier too, says the Revera Report on Happiness

2012 News Releases

Dec. 17, 2012
Revera’s biggest-ever fundraising drive gives more than $100,000 to Alzheimer’s disease education...
Nov. 2, 2012 
-   New Research Shows Ageism is Widespread and Tolerated in Canada
Sept. 20, 2012
- Revera Holds its Biggest Company-Wide Fundraiser in Support of World Alzheimer's Day
Jun. 20, 2012 
Tech-Savvy Seniors Bridging the Digital Divide: Revera Report
May 29, 2012
Revera Receives LTC & Senior Living LINK Spirit of Innovation Award
May 9, 2012 
-   Revera's Main Street Terrace Recognized as "Quality Improvement Workplace of the Year" by OLTCA
Feb. 7, 2012
  -   Never Too Old For Love: Revera Report on Romance Sets the Record Straight About Love As You Age
Feb. 2, 2012 
-   Revera expands presence in Quebec with acquisition of Brunet Health Care Group

2011 News Releases

Dec. 6, 2011
  -  “Super” models (aged 84 – 98) gamble that “What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas...”
Oct. 27, 2011  -  Canadian boomers want a better aging experience than their parents...
Sept. 18, 2011 - Event to celebrate the importance of eating well at any age. Seniors will savour the flavour...
Jun. 7, 2011   -   Revera Receives LTC LINK Spirit of Innovation Award
Apr. 29, 2011(Toronto) Revera Seniors Across Canada Celebrate the Royal Wedding
April, 2011    -   (Ottawa) Revera Seniors Across Canada Celebrate the Royal Wedding

2010 News Releases

Nov. 1, 2010  -   Revera Acquisition of Comcare Limited to Create New Canadian Home Care Industry Leader
Sept. 29, 2010 - Revera Announces Appointment of Barbara Hill to the Board of Directors...