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About Revera

Innovation at Revera

Revera is committed to helping seniors live life to the fullest and is focused on innovation to improve the aging experience. 
Revera’s primary objectives in supporting innovation are to elevate the resident experience, engage and empower its employees and enhance the company’s care and services.

The Revera Innovators in Aging Program

In 2016, the company created the Revera Innovators in Aging program to allow entrepreneurs to test new products, services and technologies through pilots at Revera communities. The program executes two pilot cycles per year with up to five Innovators in Aging and a number of Revera’s long term care homes and retirement communities participating in each cycle.
As part of the Revera Innovators in Aging program, Revera intends to invest up to $20 million over the next five years to help bring the most promising products, services and technologies to the seniors who need them most. Successful Innovators in Aging will be evaluated and selected for investment based on pre-determined criteria: the potential benefits to Revera residents and staff, the project’s position in the competitive market and the possibility for it to be scaled across Revera’s network of retirement communities and long term care homes.

  • Sensassure is a Toronto, Ontario-based healthcare start-up that is developing a tele-monitoring system for the management of urinary incontinence. Incubated in the Next 36, Canada’s premiere tech incubator program, this team of young entrepreneurs is passionate about solving problems in the elderly care sector. The smart technology provides caregivers with up-to-the-minute data about their residents, detecting wetness quickly and allowing for more efficient, targeted care. More importantly, the patch helps preserve residents’ dignity.

  • WalkJoy Inc. is a Long Beach, California-based healthcare start-up that is developing a wearable gait analysis sensor and diagnostic tool that helps identify residents’ risk of falls on a low-medium-high scale by detecting irregularities in step patterns that can be predictive of loss of balance and falls. The tool allows anyone from a skilled Physical Therapist or Registered Nurse to a Recreation Director to assess a resident’s fall risk and institute proactive preventative measures. WalkJoy’s WalkingHealth diagnostic tool has been approved by the FDA for applications related to Peripheral Neuropathy, Parkinson’s and Multiple Sclerosis for balance and gait improvement and fall prevention.  

    FirstKind Ltd. is a United Kingdom-based company that is developing a lightweight, wearable device designed to enhance blood flow to the lower limbs through the activation of muscle pumps, resulting in increases of about 100% in venous return, 75% increase in arterial volumetric flow and about a 400% increase in microcirculatory flow. Enhanced blood flow is crucial to the effective management and quick healing of wounds, which affect approximately 10 per cent of residents in long term care.

  • Carely is a Columbus, Ohio-based start-up that is developing a mobile app focused on understanding the social needs of people caring for a loved one and creating meaningful connections between families and their care circles. By introducing users to helpful resources, services, technology and information that is both timely and relevant to care givers and their loved ones, Carely serves as a family’s social communication channel as well as their personal health care concierge.  

  • Continyou Care is a Markham, Ontario-based healthcare start-up that is developing a meal service management platform and analytics tool built to help healthcare staff better serve residents in long term care homes. The Continyou Care app includes features aimed at: streamlining the ordering process from the resident (via staff) to the kitchen so food is prepared and delivered faster, customizing meal preferences for individual residents, reducing errors in food delivery for residents with the dietary and nutrition alerts, and providing easier navigation through menus in different languages.

Submissions are reviewed on a quarterly basis and successful applicants are assigned to one two pilot cycles per year upon acceptance to the program.
Applications are evaluated based on the following criteria:
  • Is the product, service or technology directly related or relevant to seniors’ care, accommodation and services?
  • Will it elevate the resident and employee experience?
  • Does it have potential to be scaled across the 500+ retirement communities and long term care homes in Revera’s network?
Participants in the Revera Innovators in Aging program receive the following benefits:
  • Unparalleled access to Revera’s senior living network of retirement communities and long term care homes.
  • The ability to test and evaluate their product, service or technology’s impact with residents and staff, and to gather real-time user feedback in a “real world” environment.
  • The opportunity to leverage Revera’s operational and financial expertise to help build a successful and sustainable business model that can be scaled across Revera’s network and beyond.
  • Promotion and visibility on Revera’s website and social media channels.
  • Access to Revera’s strategic partners in business, government, and innovation in both Canada and the U.S. 
  • The opportunity to be evaluated for a direct investment into their product, service or technology from Revera.
  • Chief Elder Officer Hazel McCallion
    In 2015, former Mayor of Mississauga Hazel McCallion joined Revera as Chief Elder Officer to help shape the company’s innovation agenda. In this role, she engages residents and families at Revera communities to share their experiences in senior living to help the company continue to improve its programs and services.
    Hazel McCallion, Revera's Chief Elder Officer
  • Innovation Partners

    Revera has strategically partnered with national and international innovation leaders to support leading-edge products and services that help seniors age well and enhance their lives

    • Revera has partnered with Aging 2.0, a global aging and seniors’ care innovation platform. As a Leader's Circle sponsor, Revera taps into Aging 2.0's global network of innovators to evaluate and scale promising solutions aimed at improving the lives of older adults at Revera communities and beyond.
    • Revera has partnered with AGE-WELL, a Networks of Centres of Excellence program funded by the Canadian government and focused on research, training and commercial development of innovative technologies for healthy aging.
    • Revera has partnered with the Rotman School of Management to bring students enrolled in the Master of Business Administration program to Revera communities, where they apply the principles of design thinking to better understand and create an empathetic experience for residents, families and staff.
    • Revera has partnered with MaRS Discovery District, one of the world’s largest innovation hubs, to connect entrepreneurs with corporations, investors, mentors, university institutions and labs to help test their concepts and grow the innovative companies of the future.