Two students from Sheridan College
in Oakville, ON set out to paint the
portraits of 13 of those residents, in oils
and words. The result is a unique book.
The book was the brainchild of art
student Jo Enaje and journalism student
Rose Hopkins. Jo was interested in
sketching seniors for his thesis, in
conjunction with documenting their
stories. When staff at Garden City
Manor learned of the project, they saw
it as a great opportunity to celebrate
Artistically, I am inspired by what many
would consider the unnoticed,” says Jo.
I draw inspiration from what is behind
the surface. So many people tend to
overlook the older generation and I took
it upon myself to shine a light on them.”
While Jo sketched, Rose conducted
interviews. “There is such a beauty
behind their stories,” says Rose. “It
was a privilege to be the recipient of
thoughts and memories of those who
experienced a world so different than
It didn’t take long for the residents
to open up, and once the book was
complete they were in awe of how
well they were captured. Staff say it’s
always important to give residents the
time and encouragement to share their
memories. This project allowed that to
happen in a highly original way.
This project was such a rewarding
experience for the residents, their
families and all of our staff,” says Kim
Widdicombe, Executive Director at
Garden City Manor. “How refreshing
to have young people interested in the
experiences of our seniors.”
Each participant received a copy of the
page book. Now the residents and
their families have a keepsake they can
cherish, one generation talking to the
next, for years to come.
At Revera’s Garden City Manor in St. Catharines, ON, every face
tells a story. Laugh lines are etched by happy memories. Thoughts
of loved ones can radiate pure joy. A pensive look might reflect
some of life’s challenges.
A rewarding experience
for residents, their families
and staff ”
Artwork and
by Jo Enaje.
Clockwise from left
Roland Marlow,
John Penner,
Dorothy Hatton,
Nancy Nixon and
Phyllis Whitney.
All residents at
Garden City Manor
in St. Catharines,