Celebrating Ageless Spirit
I’ve had the privilege of working in long term care for
more than 30 years. In that time, I’ve met thousands of
interesting people, all with a story to tell.
Consider the residents of Garden City Manor, featured in
this issue. A recent book project celebrated the lives of
several residents, using portraits and profiles. The book
captured not just their image but, I think, their ageless
spirit as well.
Those residents have rich and diverse life experiences, and
a lot to share. This edition of Revera Living is all about
ageless spirit. Inside you’ll discover amazing people who
have explored new territory and challenged the limits. And
you’ll read about homes that have served up inspiration in
different ways.
These stories remind us that ageless spirit thrives in all
of us. We see it in the stories of the people who we are
privileged to care for across Canada. Every day, there
is much we can learn from the wit, wisdom and spirit of
each one. When we take the time to appreciate that, we
celebrate and honour them.
On the Cover
Dan Kaniuk
SVP, Revera
Long Term Care
Dan Kaniuk
Nancy Nixon from Revera’s Garden City Manor in
St. Catharines, ON was among the 13 residents
interviewed and sketched for a unique book created
by two local students. Read the full story on page 4.