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Fire Safety:
Our Commitment to You
Members of Revera receive award from
the Canadian Automated Sprinkler
Far Left:
Revera hosts government
media conference.
Safety in our communities is of
the utmost importance. That’s
why Revera invested more than
$55 million to ensure all of our
retirement and long term care
communities were equipped
with full sprinkler systems by the
end of 2012.
And our efforts have not gone
unnoticed. Revera received an
award for leadership in fire safety
from the Canadian Automated
Sprinkler Association. And for
their involvement with our
project, Aon Fire Protection
earned an Engineering Project
of the Year Award from the
Professional Engineers of
Ontario. We’re proud of this
recognition, and know that
when it comes to fire safety,
early detection can make all the
In addition to sprinklers, we have
also installed smoke detectors,
carbon monoxide detectors and
emergency response systems
beyond what government
legislation has mandated. In
Ontario, automatic sprinklers
will be mandatory in licensed
retirement homes by 2019
and long term care homes by
Our people are trained
regularly in emergency response
procedures, and we work closely
with local fire departments to
ensure our fire safety plans
are up to date and in line with
provincial fire safety regulations.
With all these steps, you can be
assured that safety comes first at
every Revera community.