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Numerous studies have recognized that plants and flowers make
us feel happier, healthier, and less anxious and stressed. That’s
why getting our hands in the dirt and nurturing small plants is so
important for everyone, regardless of age.
Here are some tips on how to enjoy nature, up close and personal:
• For the outdoors, consider raised garden beds. They’re great
for those who find it physically difficult to garden in the ground.
They are available preassembled or custom built.
• Raised gardens have many advantages: they warm up earlier in
spring, there is no compaction of soil from people traffic and they
are virtually weed-free.
• Containers for favourite plants, whether houseplants or outdoor
plants, are very effective when space is limited or access to the
outdoors is restricted.
• Good quality potting mix (not topsoil), some slow-release
fertilizer, a few simple hand tools and you’re ready to go.
To be successful, always consider the amount of light your garden
will receive. Outside, full or half-day sun is best for vegetables, most
herbs and flowers. Avoid placing gardens in the shade of trees or
buildings since your plant choices will be limited. Indoors, take
advantage of south facing sunny windowsills for sun-loving potted
Have fun and revel in the joy of getting your hands in the dirt this
Charlie Dobbin
is an
internationally known
horticulturist and
landscape designer.
She is currently host
The Garden Show
heard weekly on AM 740
Zoomer Radio Toronto,
and was previously host
One Garden, Two
on HGTV. She
owns Garden Solutions
by Charlie Dobbin.
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