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Cooks Up
Change at
Chateau Renoir
For Dmitry Bogachenko, Director
of Culinary Services at Revera’s
Chateau Renoir retirement
community in Calgary, Alta., the
kitchen has always been the best
room in the house.
“As a young boy, I remember
experimenting with food and
making meals for my family,”
says Dmitry. “My mother and
grandmother encouraged me,
teaching me to pay attention to
detail and to take pride in my
Hired as a restaurant busboy,
he quickly worked his way up,
becoming a sous-chef at just 18.
He worked in some of Calgary’s
finest restaurants and hotels
before bringing his passion for
food to the Chateau Renoir.
“Dmitry has reinvigorated our
dining program,” says Alain
Boileau, Executive Director.
“He’s got excellent skills and a
steadfast work ethic. He wants to
continue to raise the bar, so he
and the team are always asking
for feedback.”
Staying closely attuned to the
foods that residents prefer
means innovation is always on
the menu. Thanks to feedback
from residents, Southern Side
Beef Brisket is a new run-away
hit. An avid baker, Dmitry has
also introduced in-house baked
bread and desserts.
“Mealtime is such an important
part of people’s day,” says Alain.
“Dmitry’s passion for food is
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