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“It just drives me crazy when someone says
a woman can’t do something because she’s
a woman... I think the very fact is you can do
whatever you like and no one can say you can’t.”
These are the wise words of Geraldine, 81, who
is just one of the 10 extraordinary women – all
residents of Revera’s The Kensington retirement
community in Victoria, B.C. – profiled in the
Revera and Reel Youth Age is More Film
In celebration of International Women’s
Day, they were paired with 10 local young female
filmmakers, bringing generations together to
share stories and advice.
The resulting films are filled with nuggets of
wisdom ranging from poignant to humorous.
Elfie, 85, still does aerobics, and encourages
women to “move it or lose it.” Nancy, 88, a long-
time volunteer at a women’s shelter, reminds us
that “women have to look after women.” Ninety-
year-old Eileen says, “Beauty means to me the
shining of a person from within.” And Deborah,
61, who is recovering from a brain tumour, tells
us to “just love yourself.”
The film project is part of Age is More, Revera’s
ongoing initiative to challenge ageism. Check out
all of the films at
Powerful Film
Project Brings
Generations of
Women Together
Filmmakers, family and residents celebrate the Revera
and Reel Youth Age is More Film Project at The Kensington
in Victoria, B.C.
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