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Thomas G. Wellner, President and CEO of Revera,
presents a cheque to John Hayward and Ann
Hatch of the Alzheimer Society of Canada.
2014 A Smash Hit for
Celebrating Memories
For the third year running, the
Revera Giving: Celebrating
campaign proved the power of working together for
a common goal – raising funds for the Alzheimer Society of
Canada and the American Alzheimer’s Association. A whopping
$174,000 was raised through the efforts of Revera staff,
residents, families and suppliers in 2014. That brings the total
donated to date to more than $400,000.
“Every day, more Canadians are impacted by Alzheimer’s
disease and other forms of dementia,” said Thomas G. Wellner,
President and CEO of Revera. “It’s heartwarming to see Revera
communities right across the country pull together to raise funds
for this important cause.”
Check out just a few of the creative Celebrating Memories
events, at right.
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