Revera Living Summer 2015 - page 3

We asked women from
two Revera retirement
communities to share their
advice for the younger
generation. Their words
of wisdom will inspire
people of every age.
“You have been born into an era
of almost endless possibilities.
Failure is how we learn to come
up with successful outcomes to
our problems and challenges.”
—Barbara Williams, The Annex
“Consider volunteering
in a program of your
interest. When you feel
you are helping others
through choice alone,
it boosts your self-esteem,
which bolsters your mental
health. Volunteering is self-
fulfilling and stress reducing.”
—Iris Berry, The Annex
“Participate and get active. You
can make a significant difference
for good!”
—Brenna Brown, The Annex
“Grow old gracefully, Embrace your
family and enjoy what you’re doing in
every stage of your life. Have a hobby!”
— Valerie Huntington, Churchill Place
“Learn as much as possible,
because knowledge is power!
What you learn when you are
younger shapes your future self.”
— Frieda Stolz, Churchill Place
“Live fully and take advantage
of EVERY opportunity that
presents itself.” —Marjorie
Duncan, Churchill Place
advice from our residents
to live by
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