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A member of the Order of Canada, Ms. Hazel
McCallion is recognized as one of the world’s
top mayors. She’s known in Canada and around
the world as “Hurricane Hazel,” for her steely
resolve and her relentless commitment to driving
the City of Mississauga forward. She is someone
who courageously fights stereotypes, both as a
woman and as an older person, showing us that
gender and age have no boundaries.
Ms. McCallion chose to leave
office at the age of 93. During
her tenure, Mississauga grew
from a rural community to
Canada’s sixth-largest city.
At the Vancouver conference, Ms. McCallion
generously shared her passion for living life to the
fullest with Revera’s Retirement leadership team.
She also shared no-nonsense nuggets of wisdom,
and brought the house down with her belief that
everything she has learned about leadership, she
learned from Noah’s Ark (see sidebar).
“Ms. McCallion inspired a room full of leaders
whose lives are dedicated to serving people,” says
Thomas G. Wellner, President and CEO of Revera.
“Her courage, commitment, passion and her
leadership make her a role model for all of us.”
The Hon. Hazel McCallion’s
Lessons Learned from
Noah’s Ark
• Don’t miss the boat
• We’re all in the same boat
• Plan ahead
• Stay fit
• Don’t listen to critics
• Get on with the job that needs
to be done
• Build your future on high ground
• Speed isn’t always an advantage
(the snails were on board too)
• Stress is good for us
• Find a solution
• Remember - the Ark was built by
amateurs and the Titanic was
built by professionals
did you
Ms. McCallion is a former
professional women’s hockey
She received an Honourary Doctor
of Laws degree from the University
of Toronto in 2010
She is a member of Order of the
Rising Sun, an honour from the
Emperor of Japan
Revera leaders meet
the incomparable
Hazel McCallion at
a recent conference.
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