Line and Josee Lamadelaine know the
importance of having someone to count
on. As personal support workers at Revera’s
Colonel By in Ottawa, ON that’s their job. As
twin sisters, that’s their life.
They’ve worked with each other for 14 years.
They also live and vacation together with their
They are reminded daily of the power of
togetherness. The residents they serve include
twin sisters in their 90s. “They’re friendly and
always want to talk,” says Josee. “They feel we
understand them better.”
Seeing that enduring bond also makes Josee
contemplate what the relationship with her
own twin could look like 50 years from now.
I imagine we’ll be like them when we’re
older, still there for each other,”
Josee says.
The sounds emanating fromthe dining room
of Revera’s Parkwood Manor in Coquitlam,
BC will leave you humming along. “Can’t
BuyMe Love” by The Beatles, tunes by Stevie
Wonder, songs from Broadway shows like
My Fair Lady – it’s like an eclectic jukebox,
except the joyous voices come from the
resident choir.
The choir has grown into an harmonious
group of 32 singers, aged 80-96. Volunteer
choir director Kathy Lauwers, who has led
the group for almost 10 years, is impressed
by their sense of fun, harmony and
I constantly tell them music is the language
of the heart,” says Kathy, “and they’re proof
of that.”