Making Connections
With this issue of
Revera Living
we’re putting the
spotlight on the ageless spirit in all of us. Whether you’re
nine or 90, we all have a story to tell, and we all can learn
from the wit and wisdom of others. In some ways, you
could say this issue is all about making connections –
connections of friendship, the bonds of family and the
power of a united voice.
Inside you’ll read about inspiring people who have
explored new territory and challenged the limits. You’ll
learn about the power of creativity to tell stories and bring
people together. And you’ll hear sage advice from one of
our residents who encourages everyone to play and be silly,
regardless of age.
Everyone has a story to tell, and we are all connected in
different ways. We hope you find inspiration in the stories
and connections we have shared here.
Audrey Huff from Revera’s Appleby Place in Burlington, ON
and young filmmaker Carleigh Reynolds were among the
pairs who teamed up through Revera’s partnership with
Reel Youth. Discover what they learned on page 4.
On the Cover
Reel Friends
Stephen Foster
SVP, Revera
Stephen Foster