Flying Free
for Alzheimer’s
Dream House
Takes Shape
Cedarcroft is all Heart
Hope, freedom, beauty – they all
symbolize the fluttering butterfly.
Revera’s Fleetwood Villa in Surrey,
B.C., held its annual butterfly release
to raise funds for the Alzheimer
Society. The residence invited the
broader community to participate, in
memory of someone special, to make
a wish, or just for fun.
Simone Paler, Assistant Executive
Director, says Fleetwood Villa is proud
to be part of Revera’s ongoing support
for Alzheimer’s care and research and
says “We’ll do anything to raise funds
to find a cure.”
A house can be built of many
materials, but the foundation is
a good imagination. At Revera’s
King Place in Midland, Ont., Robert
McBride is building a home for his
great-granddaughter made from
cardboard and wood. He previously
built a home for himself.
Robert is very resourceful,” says Joan
Sills, Executive Director at King Place.
He finds all his material from in and
around the community. He has an
amazing gift.”
are buzzing
with activity, as
residents, staff
and volunteers
make a difference.
It’s amazing what you accomplish
when everyone is moving in the same
direction. Revera’s Cedarcroft Place
in Oshawa, Ont., entered a team in
the Big Bike Challenge supporting
the Heart and Stroke Foundation.
Riding a 29-seat bike, and adorned
with Revera-branded t-shirts and
umbrellas, the Cedarcroft Place squad
raised $1,450. Way to go team!
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