Revera Giving
Through fundraising events
at our residences and
corporate offices, Revera gave
more than $100,000 to the
Alzheimer Society of Canada,
and the American Alzheimer’s
Marion Mills lives at
Revera – Windermere On
The Mount.
London, Ontario
our people & our places
list gets longer
every day
Marion Mills lives at
Revera – Windermere
On The Mount in
London, Ontario
bus driver &
At The Waverley and Rosewood in
Rocky McLeod
much more than drive the bus.
Whether giving knowledgeable
tours or entertaining everyone
while stuck in traffic, Rocky has
incredible rapport with residents.
He makes everyone feel special.
When not behind the wheel,
Rocky also facilitates Rosewood’s
music program. Every day, he
brings laughter and enjoyment
to people’s lives, as a man with
tremendous heart – and great
When Pepper the draft horse trotted into
Crofton Manor
in Vancouver,
everyone took it in stride. After all, it happened during
Western Days.
The celebrations included square dancing, the hatching of baby chicks
and “cactus juice” (green Kool-Aid and ginger ale). But Pepper’s visit
was the highlight of the day; residents were eager to interact with the horse
and gave her lots of attention.
Everybody loved the energy of the afternoon,” says Susan Philcox,
Crofton’s Director of Recreation.
western days
at crofton manor