On the 11
hour of the 11
day of the 11
month, people in countries around the
world are asked to pause for one minute to
think about the men and women who have
served, and continue to serve, during times
of war, conflict and peace. It is a day when
we remember the tremendous contributions
that all veterans have made and show our
appreciation for those who have fought.
At our Long Term Care homes we have the
privilege to serve many veterans. And, as
we mark Remembrance Day in Canada and
Veteran’s Day in the U.S., Revera wants to
take this opportunity to highlight some of the
incredible stories from the residents in our
homes. These stories are only a small snapshot
from the many veterans who today call
Revera home.
This year, please consider taking the opportunity
to thank a veteran for his or her service. Their
commitment to their country should never be
forgotten. And because they served us, we are
honoured to serve them.
How did a 15-year-old Canadian end up in
a prisoner of war camp in Germany? Arthur
Copes was born in Vancouver in 1927, to a
Dutch family. When his father lost his job
during the Depression, the family moved to
Holland. Then came the war: “The roar of
aircraft and the rumble of bombs,” as Arthur
recalls. He and his brother were arrested and
sent to a prison camp near Maarn. Two years
later, after the Allies pushed into Holland,
Canadian troops liberated Arthur’s camp.
Arthur returned to Amsterdam to be reunited
with his family. After the war, they went back
to Canada. He’ll never forget how it felt, as a
prisoner and Canadian, seeing those Canadian
soldiers. “Were we ever happy and proud. For
us, that was the end of the war.”
Liberated by
Canadian Troops
Arthur Copes, Capilano Care
Centre, West Vancouver, B.C.