Getting out into your community for
an hour or so is often about enjoying
small moments. Sometimes it’s
sipping a favourite beverage
at the coffee shop, or visiting a
festival, or driving around the old
neighbourhood. The moments that
relax you, make you reminisce, or
simply, “give you an opportunity
to get fresh air in your lungs and
sun on your cheeks,” says Gordon
Gordon is Operations Manager
at Goldsmith Medical Transport.
The company works with Revera’s
Carlingview Manor in Ottawa,
Ont., taking residents for dialysis
and other medical appointments.
Weekly, he donates a vehicle and a
driver’s time to take residents for
the outing of their choice.
Forging connections – with people,
a place or memories – is Gordon’s
goal. “We’re trying to complement
the work they do at Carlingview
Manor,” he says, “and give the
residents love and attention.”
volunteer rides
give residents
small moments
three ways to be a
Volunteers are essential for many organizations
to accomplish their mission. One of those
organizations, the Alzheimer Society of Canada,
describes how volunteers make a difference.
Many people find that once they volunteer, they
benefit just as much as those they’re helping. Not
sure where to start? Try contacting organizations in
your community whose work interests you.
Mary Schulz is
Director of Information,
Support Services and Education
at the Alzheimer Society of Canada.
Improve lives
Volunteers support
people who are
facing challenges
in their lives.
Open eyes
By sharing your ideas
and insights, you’ll help
the organization think
about what they do
with fresh eyes.
Be a champion
When you become
more knowledgeable
about the issues facing
your community, you
can be an advocate
for change.