To Janine Reimer and her colleagues, care
and service aren’t just a job but a way of
contributing to the world. When Janine,
Director of Care at Revera’s Garden City
Manor in St. Catharines, Ont., planned
a humanitarian trip to Haiti, other staff
expressed interest in joining her; so much
so that they had to raffle spots.
Paying their own way, the group of 10
partnered with the Canadian organization
FIDA (Foundation for International
Development Assistance). FIDA provides
resources to rural communities who want to
advance economically by forming
an agricultural co-operative.
Janine says volunteering abroad
adds another dimension to her
work. “We grow as caregivers
through the opportunity to
invest in someone else.”
Revera’s Charleswood Care Centre in Winnipeg,
Man., was recently part of the Linking
Intergenerational Friends of the Environment
L.I.F.E.) program, a joint effort between
Assiniboine Park Programming, Charleswood
and the Pacific Junction School. The program
connects grade 5 students and seniors with
each other and the environment. Once a
week, they share experiences like gardening,
storytelling, food preparation, and writing
Social Worker, Shelley Ireland says the
residents have a huge impact on the students.
She describes one resident with challenges
due to a stroke, who uses a talking program on
an iPad. Instead of seeing his communication
limitations, the students were drawn to him.
He was the most popular person to buddy with.
The students were able to look at his heart.”
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