Wally Stuckart from Revera’s Bow-Crest Care Centre in
Calgary, Alta., served with the Royal Canadian Engineers
during the Second World War. He is among four Revera
residents featured in our Remembrance Day tribute.
Read his story on page 9.
On the Cover
Dan Kaniuk
Serving Your Heart
At Revera, we have a great responsibility and a great privilege to
serve our residents. In Long Term Care, that means meeting and
anticipating needs, respecting the individuality of each person and
honouring the people we serve every single day.
This edition of
Revera Living
focuses on service and is a tribute to the
wonderful giving spirit of the people involved in our communities.
You’ll read about residents who have contributed to causes or
engaged with local students. About volunteers who donate time to
give residents a chance to enjoy their communities. And about staff
who raise money and raise awareness of vital issues, whether at home
or abroad.
You’ll also see a special section that highlights a few of our many
residents who served their country during the Second World War.
Their stories remind us of the sacrifices that were made and the
importance of honouring the veterans around us.
Schweitzer, the physician, philosopher and Nobel Peace Prize-winner,
wrote that true happiness comes to “those who have sought and
found how to serve.”
We know that well-being takes on many forms. It has been said that
one of the best exercises for the heart is reaching out and lifting
people up. Let’s remember how service helps those who receive –
and who give.
Dan Kaniuk
SVP, Revera
Long Term Care