When Adrienne Dawson moved into Revera –
Winbourne Park in Ajax, Ontario, her daughter
Linda thought a computer would be great for her.
Now the 92-year-old just can’t do without it.
Adrienne uses her laptop to stay in touch via
e-mail andSkypewithher children, grandchildren
and friends. Some are close to home, others
are in Ottawa, Alberta, Florida and even Spain.
Adrienne also surfs the Internet regularly, in part
to (virtually) take her away.
The other day, I took a tour of Italy,” she says.
I went there when I was younger and loved it.
Now I go back on my computer to see how it’s
changed. You just type where you want to go and
everything comes up. It’s like taking a vacation.”
Adrienne is among a fast-growing group
– 27
per cent of Canadians aged 75-plus are
online – up from five per cent in 2000, according
to Statistics Canada.
Revera will engage residents like Adrienne
through our three-year partnership with the
University of Toronto’s Technologies for Aging
Gradually Lab (TAGlab). It involves research at
the university, as well as visits by TAGlab
researchers to Revera homes to test new
technologies and their impact.
As Adrienne and many other tech-savvy
residents know well, plugging in can make for a
more connected and enjoyable life.
A Sign of the Times
It’s like taking
a vacation”
Adrienne Dawson lives at
Revera – Winbourne Park
in Ajax, Ontario