Those 66+
are most
likely to say:
They are
happy with
their life
They are
about aging
That age is
just a number
If you’re happy and you know it, you’re probably
over the age of sixty! According to the Revera Report
on Happiness, people 66+ are more likely than
any generation to agree that “aging means you’re
That feeling increases with age – even with their
lifetime of accomplishments, 42 per cent of the 75+
group says “the best is yet to come.”
These findings send an important message
to younger generations,” says Dr. Amy D’Aprix,
gerontologist. “Getting older is not a negative.”
Why are people happy as they get older? Those
surveyed told us they look forward to being
comfortable in their own skin, having friends
and family around and having time to do what’s
We need to challenge ageist stereotypes,” says Dr.
D’Aprix, “and treat older adults as vibrant and valued
contributors to society.”
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